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the thousands of golfers who want to learn the real truth about the golf swing, handed down from Ben Hogan!

These digital downloads are offered through Legendary Golf and Tom Bertrand to provide any golfer the knowledge of swinging the golf club with power and accuracy.
***John Schlee spent 5 years with Ben Hogan
***Tom Bertrand spent 7 years with John Schlee
The information that Ben Hogan gathered about the golf swing since 1955 and his book Five Lessons:The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, is finally revealed to answer all the questions regarding
Hogan's "Secret"

Ben Hogan and Legendary Golf Series I   
    1. Hogan Grip
Learn the proper way to grip the club from the master.
    2 .
Keeping your Arms Together
Why is it so important to keep the arms together? What did Hogan say to Schlee to influence the inward set of the arms?
    3. Hogan's Little Twist

Learn the all important take away with Hogan's "Little Twist". How can it set you in the backswing and what is the difference between 'fanning' the clubface and 'twisting' the clubface.
4. The Lay Off
What is the 'Lay Off' and why can it help you develop the proper swing?
    5. The Missing Link
Did you know the left elbow is the key to the impact zone?
    6. Angle of the Right Leg
Learn how the angle of the right leg limits the backswing for a more powerful downswing.
    7. Spin vs. Slide
Why is it so important to spin in the hitting zone instead of sliding? Learn to spot the key signs.
    8. Palm up-Palm Down
Develop the feeling of Right Palm Up in the Backswing and Right Palm Down in the hitting area.
    9. Understanding Hogan's "5 Lessons"
Gain important insight to the Master's influence in comprehension of his principles and fundamentals
   10. John Schlee's "Impact Address Position"
Learn why the impact address position was really ahead of it's time
(This product is in the form of AVI video and will be emailed within 24 hrs, anywhere in the world.)

Ben Hogan and Lege
ndary Golf Series II       

 1. The Phases of the Backswing

Discover the significance of the backswing motions to get your swing started properly
   2. The Phases of the Downswing
Uncover the secrets Hogan failed to reveal to the world about the impact zone
    3. The Followthrough and The Finish
Learn how the followthrough and the finish are reactions of the backswing and downswing.
   4. The Right Elbow Tuck
Learn how the right elbow tuck can increase  power and accuracy.
   5. Legendary Golf vs. The Stack &Tilt
Compare the differences and the shortcomings of the Stack & Tilt and Legendary Golf.

(This product is in the form of AVI video and will be emailed within 24 hrs, anywhere in the world.) 

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Legendary Golf Drills and Exercises  is now available!

*Learn valuable warm-up exercises.

*Learn to stretch your golf muscles properly.
*Learn drills to master with the "Practice Club"
*Learn drills to use with the standard golf club
* Most importantly...Develop feel and understanding of your golf swing through step-by-step slow swing motions.

Only $19.95

(This product is in the form of AVI video and will be emailed within 24 hrs, anywhere in the world.)

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